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Pagan Studies: Druidry/Celtic Tradition

Resources for those interested in the study of Pagan and NeoPagan traditions.

About Druidry and Celtic Traditions

Modern Druidry has roots in 20th-century NeoPaganism and the 18th-century Druid Revivals in England. It takes its inspiration from accounts of the ancient Celtic and Gallic druids, who were administrators, priests, and poets. While it is not the same as Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism, the two are treated together here because of their shared source material: the mythology, history, and folklore of the pre-Christian Irish, Scottish, and Welsh societies. 

Recommended Introductory Books

Celtic Folklore and Mythology


Druidry/Celtic Traditions: Subject Headings for Further Research

Druids Druide Druids and Druidism Ireland Religion Miscellanea Mythology, Celtic Britons Religion Magic, Celtic Celts Great BritainArthur, King Ogham alphabet (Because Pagan Studies is a newer field, it may be more helpful searching these terms as key words by removing the "su:" in the search bar.)