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Pagan Studies: Home

Resources for those interested in the study of Pagan and NeoPagan traditions.

About Pagan Studies

              Due to a combination of the coronavirus pandemic and CST’s impending relocation, the CST Library recommends that all students, faculty and staff use the Digital Theological Library (DTL) as their primary library ( and until library traditional services are resumed at Willamette University in the fall.

                The DTL’s collections are far more comprehensive than CST’s legacy print collections and should provide for most of your information needs.  CST patrons can access the Digital Theological Library using their CST library barcode.

                If you need help accessing the DTL, you may contact the CST reference department:  

 Stay safe, stay healthy, stay at home.

Popular Resources for Pagan Studies

The study of Paganism is relatively new in the academic world. We try to keep abreast of new scholarly publications and other resources, but in many ways some of the best resources for studying modern Paganism are places where modern Paganism is actively developing as a collection of lived religions, like blogs and other websites. The materials in the following links are usually not peer-reviewed, although they are often written by practitioners with advanced or terminal degrees in ministry, religion, psychology, history, literature, anthropology, and many other fields.

Several of the tabs above also contain links to websites and organizations that serve more specific populations in the Pagan community.

Pagan Ethics and Ecology

Pagan Organizations

Modern Paganism is highly decentralized. However, there are a few organizations and institutions that are widely recognized by Pagans of many paths.

Pagan Studies: Recommended Introductory Books

Pagan Studies: Subject Headings for Further Research on General Paganism

Neopaganism RELIGION Neopagansim Neopaganism Rituals Religion Neopaganism General  Paganism Rituals  Pagan Studies BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Spirituality / Paganism & Neo Paganism (Because Pagan Studies is a newer field, it may be more helpful searching these terms as key words by removing the "su:" in the search bar.)