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PhD Exams: Language Exams

Introducing Language Exams

Language Exams essentially involve producing a fluent English translation that accurately reflects the meaning of an excerpt of an academic book, chapter or article in another language. The most recent list of eligible texts for the Language Exams may be found on the CST Registrar's Resources page.

Scheduling Language Exams

Step 1. Determine the language(s) of the exams you wish to take and get advisor approval if necessary. If the language of your exam is commonly used in your program and found in the Foreign Language Study Guide, then you do not need special permissions. If it is not a commonly used language in your program, then request permission from your faculty advisor.

Step 2. Schedule the language exam date and time with the Exam Coordinator via the Exam Coordinator Calendar.

Step 3. Complete the Language Exam Application. Be sure to scan and email a copy to the Exam Coordinator and to turn in a scanned copy or hard copy to the Registrar's office. THE APPLICATION FORM MUST BE RECEIVED NO LESS THAN TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE EXAM DATE, OR THE STUDENT WILL BE REQUIRED TO RESCHEDULE THE EXAM.

Step 4. Study. A lot. :-)

Step 5. Arrive 10 minutes before the exam, take a deep breath, then kick its proverbial butt! :-)

FAQs Specific to Language Exams

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Scheduling a Language Exam