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Kindle User Guide: Home

Did you receive an error message on your Kindle, indicating a "license limit"? 

CST Library Kindle Program


  • The CST Kindle program is one way that we make e-books available to students and other library patrons. 
  • In order to read a CST Library Kindle e-book, you must check out a CST Kindle and read the book on that device.
    • Note: You cannot download your own Kindle books to a CST Kindle, and you cannot download CST Kindle books to your own Kindle or computer.        
  • Other CST Library e-books are available in other formats, and can be read directly online through the Library's online catalog.

Who Can Check Out a CST Kindle

  • CST students, faculty, and staff
  • CST Affiliates' students, faculty, and staff
  • Non-CST students cross-registered for CST classes
  • CST Library Scholars
  • Visiting Scholars
  • Other patrons may be able to use a Kindle in the Library

Borrowing Periods

  • Lending periods vary.  Contact the Circulation staff at or by phone at 909-447-2510 during normal business hours.


  • Most CST students, faculty, and staff may keep their Kindles between semesters, but we need to collect statistics.Therefore, contact Circulation at the beginning of each semester and provide the number of items that you downloaded onto your Kindle throughout the semester.  Your library account will be updated, extending your Kindle for another semester.
  • Contact Circulation at or bring your Kindle to the Circulation desk in the Library.

Lost or Damaged Kindles

  • The replacement fee for lost or damaged Kindles is $200.

How Do I Know if the Library Has a Kindle Version of a Particular Book?

  • Look up the book in our online catalog.  The record will say "Kindle" in the book's location code.  See an example of a catalog record in the box to the right in this guide.

How Do I Use My CST Library Kindle?

  • Download our CST Kindle User Guide, using the link in the top right box of this guide.

License Limit Error

  • Occasionally, you may receive a "license limit" error message when you attempt to download a Kindle e-book to your CST Kindle.  If that happens, click on the "License Limit Error Form" link, located in the top right box of this guide, and follow instructions. 

Any Questions?

  • If you have any questions, contact the Circulation staff at or by phone at 909-447-2589.


Library Catalog Record of a Kindle E-Book

Catalog record of a Kindle e-book.

The Kindle e-books are linked with the print book records.  The location code says "Kindle".