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Dissertations & DMin Projects: Step #3: Proposal

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to researching, writing, and digitally submitting PhD dissertations at Claremont School of Theology.

IRB Approval

If your PhD dissertation or DMin project research involves collecting any information from or about any living human being(s) through surveys, interviews, or direct observations, then you need Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. Click here for more information about the IRB proposal and process.

IRB approval, if necessary for your research, MUST be obtained before you submit a proposal.

Proposal Process and Guidelines

The proposal approval process is:

  1. Students consult with their respective advisors and write a proposal that meets the requirements described in the Catalog.
  2. Upon completion of the proposal, students send it to the entire committee for their approval and ensure that all necessary signatures on the Proposal Approval Form are obtained.
  3. Once all committee members have signed off on the proposal, students email the proposal and the scanned and signed approval form to the Thesis Secretary. Within a week of receipt, the Thesis Secretary will respond and let students know what steps are needed for Thesis Secretary approval (e.g., revision, consultation, editing, etc.). When these steps are completed, the Thesis Secretary will sign the proposal approval form. Essentially, the Thesis Secretary requires a proposal that meets the requirements described in the Catalog and one that is free of any kind of plagiarism, is accurate in form and style, and has a relatively small number of obvious errors. The Thesis Secretary does not edit or proofread (students are ultimately responsible for that) but does provide evaluations.

DMin Practical Research Project Proposal Process and Guidelines