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Pagan Studies: Home

Resources for those interested in the study of Pagan and NeoPagan traditions.


This LibGuide was created to provide resources for students of Pagan Studies, particularly those at the Claremont School of Theology and Bayan Claremont.  Pagan Studies students at other institutions, and others with an interest in this area may also benefit from this guide.  

Throughout this guide you will find links to databases, digital collections and recommended books.  If you have any additional questions or recommendations of how to improve this guide, please stop by the library or send me an email.  I hope you are enriched by your research experience.  

About Pagan Studies

Paganism and NeoPaganism are interchangeable umbrella terms used to describe a variety of religious traditions. This Home page is an introduction to the entire Pagan community, and other tabs discuss more specific traditions within the larger community or general concepts shared by many of these more specific traditions. 

It is also important to note that not all resources provided here are traditionally academic. Instead some resources are created for and by Pagan practioners. The prevalence of such resources on this LibGuide is partially a result of limited traditionally academic resources of a fairly new academic field and partially a result of the ever developing and evolving nature of Paganism. Those resources provided that are not traditionally academic should be valued as primary resources that shed light on the ways in which Paganism has and continues to grow and change. Also consider researching blogs and online forums since these are key places where Paganism is growing and developing. 

Pagan Studies: Recommended Introductory Books

Commonly Used Databases & Resources in Pagan Studies

Pagan Studies: Subject Headings for Further Research on General Paganism

Neopaganism RELIGION Neopagansim Neopaganism Rituals Religion Neopaganism General  Paganism Rituals  Pagan Studies BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Spirituality / Paganism & Neo Paganism (Because Pagan Studies is a newer field, it may be more helpful searching these terms as key words by removing the "su:" in the search bar.)

Guide Authorship and Copyright Permissions

Originally created by Mindy Bielas 2016. Edited by Mark Bilby 2016.